Small Easter Brunch Basket

easter lemon aid .JPG
easter lemon aid .JPG

Small Easter Brunch Basket


Serves 4-6 People

16 oz. Lavender Lemonade
1 Chocolate Pecan Babka
Selection of Mini Vienoisserie to include Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Almond Croissant and Ham and Cheese Croissant
16 oz. of Soup (Choice of Carrot or Roasted Garlic)
6" Quiche (Choice of Quiche Lorraine or Asparagus & Gruyere)                  Quinoa Granola and White Cow Dairy Yogurt                                           12 oz. Public Espresso Beans
Sweet Treat (Choice of Valhrona Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs or Easter Cut Out Cookies)

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